Winter Youth Meeting: Sweden

Apply Now: Winter Youth Meeting Sweden

Dec. 27-Jan. 3

14 and 15 year olds (birthdates between November  1, 1999 and January 31, 2002) are invited to apply for our 1-week youth meeting to Vasteras, Sweden from December 27 to January 3. There are only 3 remaining openings.

The youth meeting will focus on the theme of conflict and resolution and delegates will share their cultural and other perspectives and learn from each  other.   Youth from at least 5 countries will attend the program.

Applicants should complete the delegate application form and obtain 2 references.  Application documents are available at

Re-Entry Event Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended our 2015 program Re-Entry event/de-brief. What a fun time our delegations had reuniting and sharing their experiences.
Quotes from participants (view more at
“I learned to be peaceful, to solve quarrels without violence, create win-win situations and not to judge people.” – 11 year old Village delegate
“I learned to be non-prejudiced, to respect others and their differences and to always choose kindness.”  – 11 year old Village delegate.
“The  best memory from my interchange was hanging out as a group. My partner and I had a lot of fun together and I was disappointed when we had to leave Norway.” – Olivia N., age 12.
“My interchange partner and I went to his river house and had a camping trip and also went on a metro. I learned how to get together as a team could help.  The hardest part was leaving my partner.  I wish I could tell future CISV delegations how much fun it is.” – Rushil, age 13
“My interchange partner and I were basically sisters. We had a lot of fun together.  The best part of the interchange were the people in the delegations.” – Kristin, age 13
“My partner and I are best friends.  The other people in my delegation were awesome.  Our delegations got along so well.  When I talk about my CISV experience with my American friends think I actually have a special life.” Olivia H., age 14
“The best part was getting to know my interchange partner and the whole other delegation.  My partner and I go along really well.  She was very nice and we connected even though I am shy. My parents had a lot of fun hosting our interchange partner.  They really liked her.  One of the hardest parts was saying goodbye.  We were all sad when they left.” – Interchange delegate, age 13.
” I learned about leadership and about myself and to be myself at Step Up camp. I was surprised by how close the staff and leaders were with the delegates.  I wish  I could share the whole experience with everybody.” – Gabby, age 14
“The other people in my delegation were awesome.  I could tell them anything.  I was surprised by how much we (the youth delegates) controlled the camp.  I learned advanced leadership skills and how to better make friends at Step Up.”  –  Ani, age 14
“I learned how to live with a bunch of other people at Step Up and changed my mind about judging people based on first impressions.  I’d like to tell future CISV delegations how Step Up was one of the best experiences of my life.”  Sid, age 14
“I learned a lot about walking in other people’s shoes and world conflicts.  I’d like to tell future CISV delegations that they should enjoy every minute of camp.” – Olivia K., age 14

Re-Entry Event

Reminder about the Re-Entry Event

Friday, August 21
Lakewood Presbyterian Church
Benz Hall (around back of church)
2001 University Boulevard West
Jacksonville, FL 32217
7 -10 p
(Leaders at 6p)

Summer Snapshots 2015

What a great summer we’ve had! Nearly 50 participants and more than 10 countries, plus hosting a great Village here in Jacksonville with delegates from more than 12 countries.

In case you missed any of the good news, view all nine issues of our 2015 Summer Snapshots here.