Stay Involved through Junior Branch (JB)

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Whether you have travelled on a CISV program or not, you are welcome to attend local Junior Branch (JB) meetings!

JB’ers are local CISVers who develop their intercultural and leadership skills through organizing educational and social activities.

Check out our monthly JB events in the calendar above.

If you have questions about an event, please e-mail us! And “like” our FB page for updates.

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Through a strong national and international network, JBers organize their own activities on a wide variety of themes, such as social justice and the environment. Whether or not you have ever taken part in a CISV program, you are welcome to take part in a CISV Jax Junior Branch activity, where you will be:

  • Building an Inclusive Community
  • Developing our Organization
  • Advancing Leadership
  • Educating By Experience
  • Empowering to Reflect and Act

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