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The “Big Ed”-ucation Guide
for Active Global Citizenship

Download Big Ed (.pdf 38 pages)

CISV offers a fun and exciting experience, but there is a lot more to us than that. To read our full approach, download and view “Big Ed.” If you are looking for a shorter version, check out The Passport.

Our purpose is to educate and inspire individuals to become active and contributing members of a peaceful society – active global citizens. We aim to stimulate the life-long development of amicable relationships, effective communication, co-operation and leadership skills.

We use an active, experiential ‘learning by doing’ approach to deliver our peace education, which makes learning fun and memorable.

CISV programs have specific educational goals, including developing leadership skills, self-awareness, intercultural awareness and positive attitudes towards others, that are delivered through time-tested activities with 4 common characteristics. The activities must be interactive, fun, experiential. For participants, “experiential” means:

  • Getting involved and doing rather than sitting and listening
  • Learning from others and on your own
  • Learning how rather than just learning facts
  • Recognizing the importance of other people’s attitudes and values
  • Applying practical, immediate approaches to problems/issues

We are fully committed to our educational goals. As a result, we also take research seriously in order to assess our educational impact. 

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