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Grow through CISV Leadership

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 3.47.42 PMHow to Apply to be a Leader

  1. Complete Staff-Leader Application Form
  2. Forward this online reference form to your reference person and ask them to complete it or print 2 copies of: Leader Reference Form. Ask references to complete and email to or mail to CISV address below.
  3. Mail $10 Application Fee (made out to CISV Jacksonville) to CISV address below or click here for paypal.
  4. Attend the Appropriate Selection Event
  5. Attend Local and National Training (dates will be provided after you apply)

CISV Jacksonville
PMB# 279
1650 Margaret Street, Suite 302
Jacksonville, FL 32204-3869

Reference Form Instructions

  1. One from your present or recent employer, supervisor or principal
  2. One from a person who has knowledge of your ability to work with children
  3. One from an individual who knows you on a personal level

Go ahead and fill in:

  • Applicant’s Information
  • Check Leader box under “seeking appointment as”
  • “In the following CISV programs” write Village, Step Up, Interchange or Youth Meeting, fill in host country if known
  • To answer the question “applicant has provided CISV Program and Leadership Description to Referee” as yes, you may give them information from the website that describes each CISV program.
  • Give them an envelope with the CISV address, so they can send directly to the CISV at the address above or ask them to email it to


The primary qualifications and attributes of leaders considered by the Selection Committee are that the candidate:

  • Must be 21 years old prior to travel.
  • Is physically and emotionally healthy, and demonstrates self-discipline
  • Makes friends easily and is readily accepted by others
  • Communicates effectively with adults and youth
  • Assumes responsibility and work within a group
  • Has a positive, flexible personality — able to adjust to differences in schedules, activities, cultures, foods, etc.
  • Enjoys playing games, singing, dancing, etc.
  • Accepts others without prejudice, regardless of race, religion, language or culture
  • Is able to commit significant time (March-June) in preparation for the CISV program experience.

Role and Responsibilities

Parents give permission for their children to travel accompanied by a named leader, who is expected to provide supervision and care for participants during travel and throughout the Program.

Leaders must participate in local and national leadership training to prepare them for their role and must apply the principles taught in this training to the Program.

Leaders have specific responsibilities for the travel arrangements and preparation of a delegation prior to leaving for a Program.

Leaders are also expected to support the Program staff and actively participate in Program activities. Leaders also have some responsibility for planning and running educational activities during the Program.

It is the responsibility of the leaders to understand and actively promote the ideals and objectives of CISV in all aspects of the programs. The leaders must be able to devote the time and energy needed to undertake leader training and work with the delegates and their families to plan and carry out a successful CISV program experience. It would be preferable is if leaders had previous experience in leading children and young people. Although being a leader can be quite challenging, it also offers great opportunity for personal growth—a commitment to this task is a great investment with high return.


The Selection Committee consists of active members of the Chapter who bring various perspectives and a wealth of expertise to the task. The committee includes past delegation leaders, recent parents, staff members, and members with prior Selection Committee experience. Both men and women are included, representing teachers, counselors, and parents actively involved with youth. Their experience, expertise and variety of perspectives assure us that the delegations selected will represent our community, Chapter and nation well.

The selection process involves several important factors. No single factor is necessarily more important than the others, but all are considered together in the committee’s decisions:

  • Application and References
  • Selection overnight — involving games and other activities similar to those experienced in the Village or Summer Camp. The overnight gives the committee opportunities to observe the children and the adult leaders applicants at play and interacting with each other.
  • Leader Candidate Interview — An opportunity for the applicant to express his/her feelings about the CISV experience and to ask any questions he/she may have.
  • Adult Leaders in CISV are volunteers, age 21 or older. The participating families pay the leader’s airfare. Leader applicants are screened carefully through a selection process, including criminal background check, designed to ensure they are well-qualified and well-suited to lead the CISV Delegations during the preparation phase as well as during the program phase. CISV selects leaders who will be responsible, caring and whose top priority is always the children’s safety and well-being. A background check is included in the selection process. Volunteer leaders may be parents, teachers, counselors or others who have the willingness and ability to work well with children and who will carry out their responsibilities in accordance with CISV policy. Many leaders were past program participants, and want to participate in the experience again as leaders.

Using the preceding selection criteria and selection process, delegations are formed based on the best judgment of the Selection Committee. Leaders are informed of selection results with a follow-up phone call within a few days of the Selection Events.

All CISV leaders undergo a thorough training process, starting at the local Chapter level and continuing through a mandatory CISV-USA regional training seminar. Training includes the basics of CISV philosophy, program content, potential problem recognition, cultural awareness, risk management and conflict resolution.

The number of applicants varies from year to year, but there are frequently more highly qualified applicants than there are leader positions to fill. For this reason, we hope applicants realize that CISV offers much more than just the Program Leader Position There is a very active Junior Branch youth group that plans CISV-related activities throughout the year, and this group always benefits from adult participants in an advisory role. Adults also become involved in many CISV local activities such as our Faces of Jacksonville Village that further the ideals of CISV. We encourage all applicants to get involved and experience the many positive aspects of CISV.

Travel Program Leader Costs/Honorarium

$10 application fee is due with your application

$30 chapter membership fee– is due at the first orientation meeting, usually held in March, within a few weeks after selection.

Note: Your travel costs are paid by the families. In addition, you will receive an honorarium of $500 for travel programs ($250 for 1-week programs).