Here’s some CISV love from participants across the First Coast…

“I learned to be peaceful, to solve quarrels without violence, create win-win situations and not to judge people.” – 11 year old Village delegate

“I learned to be non-prejudiced, to respect others and their differences and to always choose kindness.” – 11 year old Village delegate.

“The best memory from my interchange was hanging out as a group. My partner and I had a lot of fun together and I was disappointed when we had to leave Norway.” – Olivia N., age 12.

“My interchange partner and I went to his river house and had a camping trip and also went on a metro. I learned how to get together as a team could help. The hardest part was leaving my partner. I wish I could tell future CISV delegations how much fun it is.” – Rushil, age 13

“My interchange partner and I were basically sisters. We had a lot of fun together. The best part of the interchange were the people in the delegations.” – Kristin, age 13

“My partner and I are best friends. The other people in my delegation were awesome. Our delegations got along so well. When I talk about my CISV experience with my American friends think I actually have a special life.” Olivia H., age 14

“The best part was getting to know my interchange partner and the whole other delegation. My partner and I go along really well. She was very nice and we connected even though I am shy. My parents had a lot of fun hosting our interchange partner. They really liked her. One of the hardest parts was saying goodbye. We were all sad when they left.” – Interchange delegate, age 13.

” I learned about leadership and about myself and to be myself at Step Up camp. I was surprised by how close the staff and leaders were with the delegates. I wish I could share the whole experience with everybody.” – Gabby, age 14

“The other people in my delegation were awesome. I could tell them anything. I was surprised by how much we (the youth delegates) controlled the camp. I learned advanced leadership skills and how to better make friends at Step Up.” – Ani, age 14

“I learned how to live with a bunch of other people at Step Up and changed my mind about judging people based on first impressions. I’d like to tell future CISV delegations how Step Up was one of the best experiences of my life.” Sid, age 14

“I learned a lot about walking in other people’s shoes and world conflicts. I’d like to tell future CISV delegations that they should enjoy every minute of camp.” – Olivia K., age 14

CISV creates an opportunity for people to learn about the world, cultural diversity and how to make a difference in the world. – Erin, age 16
CISV has impacted every facet of my life in the sense of making new friends, having new experiences, traveling the world and learning to be a leader.  It has shaped me as a person.  – JB Leader, age 17
We do a lot of situation games, which are my favorite.  They put you in uncomfortable situations, where people aren’t treated the same.  It is that way in the world and it makes you more aware.  – Kathryn, age 17
I think it teaches kids a lot of important lessons.  It teaches that you can talk things out instead of fighting.  –  Chris, age 14
It was a really fun experience.  I learned a lot about cooperating with others and how to act in other cultures.  – Participant, age 17
CISV has totally changed my life.  It has make me way more interested in international affairs and that is what I am going to do with my life.  – Bradley, age 17
I participate in important things I would never have thought of doing before and also I feel much more confident about myself and my place in the world. – 15 year old participant.
CISV has made me more compassionate.  – Bradley, age 17
CISV has introduced me to wonderful people that I can grow with. – Brittney, age 22
CISV has let me travel the world and learn about others. – Emily, age 13
CISV has given me the chance to evolve into the person I am today. – Anonymous, age 16
CISV has encouraged me to be more patient, fostered critical thinking skills, and has given me hope that change is possible. – Stephanie, age 26
CISV has made me more understanding.  It has given me the ability to open my mind and the minds of those around me. -Sammy, age 16
My opinion does matter and it can make a difference. … to express what I think because it can make a big impact.  -Participant, age 15
Never judge a person by the cover and to always respect everyone and be nice to everyone. – Carley, age 11
How much potential I have started to see in myself by learning through others- Shawn, age 25
A very valuable less that I’ve learned is one about awareness and not being selfish or close-minded.  Sidney, age 12
CISV means learning about different cultures and making friends from all other the world.  – Emily, age 13
CISV has become such a huge part of my life.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the friends I’ve make or experiences I’ve enjoyed.  – Participant, age 16
It takes courage to stand up and takes even more to sit down and listen.- Sammy, age 16
Allowing every individual person in a group to have a voice, no matter their opinion, age, etc. – Tom, age 27
CISV is an interactive and fun way to learn about things that I may not have ever subconsciously thought about before.  The experience is very important to me. -Sidney, age 12
CISV is an organization that allows people to connect and learn about other cultures.  – Bradley, age 17
CISV means opening your mind.  It means making yourself award, learning and making friends. – Sammy, age 16
CISV is a way to learn new things and new ideas that I have never heard before.  It is also a place where I can express myself fully.  – Participant, age 15
CISV is an organization that teaches kids how to be good leaders in their communities. Lauren, age 16
CISV has helped me realize the importance of listening and being quiet at times when that may not be my first instinct.  – Stephanie, age 26
CISV is a safe space for dialogue, disagreements and lots of hugs.  – Stephanie, age 26
CISV is an organization that allows youth and adults to challenge mindsets to better understand those in our communities and around the world.  – Brittney, age 22
I’ve learned to say what I believe because even though people will disagree you should say it because it might be the right thing and you may help other people say what they think – Lauren, age 16
I have learned to understand other cultures different from my own.  Participant, age 15
I have learned to tolerate and be more open to people who are different.  – Emily, age 13
CISV is a place where no one will judge you about being yourself.  – Anya, age 12
CISV means to me that being family isn’t just blood.  Carley, age 11