• Application Fee – Due with Application                                                    $25
  • 2 Year Family Membership to CISV Jacksonville Chapter                           $100
  • Participation Fee (includes international/national/local fees) see table below
  • Emergency Money (unused portion refunded upon delegation return)        $100 
  • Travel Estimate (Airfare to Destination & 1/4th or 1/6th Leader Airfare)  see table below
  • Travel Protection Insurance
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Spending money                                                                            $200-300      


Program Fees

Program Name Participation Fee**
Village (4 weeks) $1,900
Interchange (includes $275 for local activities) $1,600
Step Up (3 weeks) $1,850
1 week Youth Meeting (age 12-15) $1,300
2-week Youth Meeting (age 12-15) $1,700
1-week Youth Meeting (age 16-18) $1,100
2-week Youth Meeting (age 16-18) $1,500
Village Jr Counselor $1,850
Seminar $1,850
2-week Domestic Youth Meeting $972

** (tentative, to be finalized in December 2017)


Airfare Estimates ***

Location Airfare Estimate(including share of leaders’ airfare)
USA $500
Europe $1,700
South America $900
Asia $2,000

*** Airfares will vary and will be paid directly to the airline. Village and Step Up participants pay 25% of the leaders airfare. Youth Meeting and Interchange participants will pay their share of the leader’s airfare depending on the number of participants in the delegation.

*APPLICATION FEE – Collected by CISV Jacksonville and is due with program application.

ORANGE ITEMS – Collected by CISV Jacksonville. The family membership fee and $850 will be due at the first delegation meeting upon family participation commitment (usually early March). The remaining balance will be due April 15 unless alternative arrangements are made with the Chapter Treasurer. The Interchange participation fee includes $275 for local activities that will be used to help cover the costs of activities during the hosting phase in Jacksonville.

WINTER PROGRAMS – The membership fee and $850 will be due upon family participation commitment. The remaining balance will be due August 15.

PURPLE ITEMS – These are not collected by CISV Jacksonville.

AIRFARE – This will be paid directly to the travel agent upon booking. The entire delegation must be booked at the same time. Completion of travel documents in a timely manner is crucial in order to obtain the most inexpensive fares.



Scholarship assistance is available.  Scholarship awards are always dependent upon the CISV funds available.  Full scholarships are rarely awarded unless corporate or other special donor funding is available and strong financial need is established.

Scholarship Application