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An international community-based program for people aged 19+, lasting 14-23 days

Upcoming Opportunities Include

Country Dates Project Description
Guatemala Dec 30, 2017 – Jan 20, 2018 support local families interested in discovering new, healthy and sustainable ways of eating in order to improve their quality of life.
Canada July 5 – 22, 2018 while helping construct affordable housing, learn about strategies and actions to end chronic and episodic homelessness.
Brazil July 7 – 28, 2018 learn about the art of photography, sharing this experience with people with Down Syndrome.
Egypt Dec 28, 2017 – Jan 18, 2018 help build Analli Cultural Center for the island of Heisa to help community members to increase their skills, and develop and protect their culture

Fees for International People’s Projects are

$500 for 3 week programs and $350 for 2 week programs.

Airfare is not included.

 To apply, complete the IPP Application Form


email to

by December 1, 2017

International People’s Projects (IPPs) are locally run projects that benefit a community and its environment. In partnership with local organizations, a group of volunteers from at least four different countries work together on a community project, such as combating environmental degradation, support for immigrants or an arts-based regeneration scheme.

IPPs are personally fulfilling, giving you the chance to learn new skills and ways of thinking and make lasting friendships. They are an opportunity to live and work as part of a community, in an authentic cultural experience that will make a genuine difference.

Around 25 volunteers participate in each IPP, including staff.

CISV Jacksonville hosted its first International People’s Project in 2016. The international CISV volunteers from Spain, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Portugal, Austria, Denmark and the USA did the following during their 18 day project:

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What happens in an IPP?

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Want to take part in an IPP?

To find out more about specific IPPs and how you can apply to take part, look at our upcoming IPPs and see how you can get involved.