Tips for Parents on Re-Entry of Your Child

1. Be careful not to ask too many questions about your child’s experience. The information will eventually be shared, but it may take some time.

2. Allow your child to be alone if they need it. Planning a busy social outing immediately upon your child’s return may not be appropriate.

3. Encourage your child to call the other members of his/her delegation to keep in touch.

4. Don’t expect your child to be the same as they were before their CISV experience as they have experienced a variety of situations and different feelings. Your child may well respond differently both to you and the world around them.

5. Encourage your child to maintain contact with their leader, to write letters and to maintain communication with friends from both their own local chapter as well as others. This will all help ease the process of re-entry.

6. Encourage your child to become involved in new areas if that is their wish (i.e. contacting various ethnic groups, becoming involved in other charitable/peace-oriented organizations, learning more about other countries and cultures, etc.)

7. Encourage your child to stay involved in CISV through areas such as Junior Branch, Local Work and other programs.

8. Encourage get-togethers with the rest of your delegation or Interchange group. They will need to talk to people who “understand”their experience.

9. Communicate with other parents of your delegation/interchange group to share your thoughts, feelings and observations. 

Questions? Please e-mail us, we are happy to help.