Leadership Team

Congratulations to our new leadership team, elected at SGM!

Thank you for your service to our chapter. There are plenty of opportunities for committee positions, and we encourage everyone to join at least one committee. Please e-mail us and we can help you can get connected.

Chapter Elected Board Positions:

President—Frances Hutto
VP Operations—Lynn Buff & Kerry McClure
VP Programs—Lisa Taylor
Secretary—Valerie Armstrong Ritchie
Treasurer—Lakshmin Sai
Immediate Past President—Elizabeth Mosimann

Junior Branch Board:

Presidents-Nikita Raheja and GT Bosch
President-elect-Taylor Bosquet
Treasurer-Dylan Emerick
Historian-Gabby McGrath
Secretary-Olivia Cato
Members at large
-George Lewis
-Cassidy Spencer
-Alex Blaudow

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