Int’l Meeting Representative

We are in the process of selecting the CISV Jacksonville chapter’s representative to the CISV International meeting in Norway in August. Our representative’s costs will be paid to this meeting.

View more info about the Global Conference.

 At the international meeting workshops educating in aspects of chapter development, international policy, CISV short and long term goals, new processes, educational standards and methods will be presented.
The selection of a representative should be someone who can take what they learn and the inspiration that they receive and utilize it in the way that will most benefit our chapter. The individual chosen should commit themselves to working for our chapter for at least the next two years.
Anyone who would like to be considered for this representative role should e-mail Viky Divertie.  We will have the people who apply present to the board how they propose to help our chapter.  Nominations will be accepted until March 13.
Please consider if you are willing to take your commitment to our chapter to the next level. Thank you!

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