Proper completion of these forms is critical. All forms are due to CISV Jacksonville by May 4 or your child may not be able to travel.


Who is it for?

Which Programs?

Who Signs?

Helpful Info

YLIF (Youth Legal Information Form–2018) All Delegates All Programs Parent View Video
 Conduct Form All Participants
(Delegates & Leaders)
All Programs Parent; Delegate

All Parents All Programs Parent
Health Form (fillable) All Participants
(Delegates & Leaders)
All Programs (must be dated within 3 months before program) Doctor; Parent View Video
If you are a youth ages 16-20 travelling without a leader, fill out: TWAL
If you are a leader fill out ALIF (View Video).

Please scan/e-mail all forms to CISV Jax  (keep one copy for yourself).
Questions? E-mail us. We are happy to help.

You may feel overwhelmed at first with all the paperwork, but trust it has a purpose in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Completing all forms fully, accurately and submitting them on time is important for keeping your delegation on track and enabling your host country and program staff to prepare for your arrival.

Submit signed forms to by the Spring General Meeting for summer programs and by Nov 1 for winter programs.

YLIF Notes

We will provide the info you need for the following: CISV Programme (at orientation), Full name of Adult Leader and Leader’s Date of Birth. The U.S. country code for phone numbers is 001

As of the 2016 program year, all CISV participants in international programs will be covered by a single travel insurance policy arranged by CISV International. Under the policy negotiated by the International Office, participants will be covered automatically for their program dates.

Health Form Notes

Must be signed and dated by any provider (PA, ARNP or MD) within 90 days of the program start date (in general summer participants need physicals around April timeframe and winter participants in October).

If including an immunization record in lieu of completing the “immunization history,” do not overlook the “infection history.” This section must be completed.

Submit with physician’s signature to Please bring original to Spring General Meeting and give to Risk Management Chair.

After the program, should you need help filing a travel insurance claim, here are two forms to use:
CISV Travel Insurance – How to Start or make a Claim – FEBRUARY 2016
Flowchart – CISV Travel Insurance – How to Start a Claim – N-04A