CISV’er Xander Magevney’s International Experience

Thanks to the Xander Magevney for sharing his CISV experience at St. Mark’s!

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Alumni speaks about international experiences

We welcomed back Xander Magevney, ’13, this week as he spoke to students about his participation in CISV, a group founded on a belief that peace is possible through friendship – and that the real difference can be made by starting with children.

Alumni, Xander Magevney, has spent a month in Norway, two weeks in Costa Rica, two weeks in Italy, and traveled to Slovenia and Croatia through his participation in CISV. During his experiences he has made lasting friendships and participated in self-directed learning exercises with peers from around the world.

Xander spoke to current fifth and sixth grade students about his travels and the CISV program. “I really learned that although everyone may be different because of where we live, our culture, and our experiences, we truly are so similar as people.”

CISV is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding. In more than 60 years CISV has given countless children and young people the experience of their lives and the opportunity to build lasting friendships through its international educational programs. CISV aims to help its participants develop the skills they need to become informed, responsible and active global citizens and make a difference in their communities and the world. The glue that underpins all of its programs is friendship, in line with its founding belief that peace is possible through friendship and mutual understanding.  CISV offers seven international programs for adults and youth, starting at age 11.

A current 8th grader at Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Xander also answered questions and gave advice about the transition from St. Mark’s to middle school. His tips included “don’t get distracted while doing homework – put your phone away, ask your teacher if you have questions, and study a few nights ahead of exams – don’t wait until the night before to cram.”

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