Cirino Family Interchange Reunion in Japan

On Monday April 18th, Mike Cirino and his wife travelled to Japan to see an Interchange partner from years ago. Here’s what Mike told us about the visit:


Cirino Family Interchange Reunion in Japan

“We were finally were able to meet our exchange student in her home country, Nagoya, Japan.  

We have stayed in touch over the years with Mami Isono and her family in hopes of meeting her family one day. Unfortunately my daughter Jennifer was not able to travel as she just had her first child.

Mami’s father, Dr. Masafumi Isono, his wife Akame and Mami’s brother attended dinner.  Also, our friend and guide for our trip attended this very traditional Japanese dinner.  

Mami shared her very fond memories of staying with us  which made me happy that we were able to make her trip so special to her.


Cirino Family Interchange Reunion in Japan

We all hope to get together again someday.

What a special organization CISV is to make these memories happen.”

Thanks, Mike for letting us know about your special reunion!







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