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2014…A Summer to Remember from CISV Jacksonville!

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10+ Countries visited…(+ 5 US States)…50+ Delegates & Participants

???…Miles Travelled, Lives Impacted, Memories Created



Village to Dallas (11-year-olds)
(Harper, Sally, Lauren, Hunter, Matthew)
Read blog & View powerpoint

Denmark Village Airport

Village to Denmark  (11-year-olds)
(Delaney, Julia, Natalie, Robert, Walker)
Read blog (password: roskilde2014)


All in TriesteInterchange with Italy (12-13 year-olds)
(Albert, Apryl, Brooke, Gabby, Jack, Kristin,
Luke, Olivia, Sidney, Taylor, Xander)
Read more about Interchange 2014 with Italy


Switzerland YM Delegation Time

Youth Meeting to Switzerland  (12-13 year-olds)
(Alex, Ani, Anya, Hannah, Rett, Samantha, Yordy)
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Logo_Stepup_BLKStep-Up Brandywine in Philly

Step-Up to Brandywine Valley, PA (14-15 year-olds)
(Taylor, Emily, Jessica, Victor, Troy)
Read blog and Watch video

Step-Up to Costa Rica
(14-15 year-olds)
(Emily, Isabella, Aramis, Myles, Stephanie)

Sweden Step-Up homecoming

Step-Up to Sweden (14-15 year-olds)
(Alexandra, Caroline, John, George, Whit)
Read blog (password is CiSV2014)

8.USA JC 8.Sweden JC

Junior Counselors to Detroit & Norway (16-17 year-olds)
(GT, Kathryn)

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 7.24.25 PM

IPP to Brazil (Marie-Claire)

Dylan1 nikita

Chapter Shares to Miami County, Ohio & Mexico (Dylan, Nikita)

Happy Acres Ranch
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Staffers—Viky, Kathryn (Youth Meeting, Tennessee) & Taylor (Village, NE Ohio)
Local JBers in Leadership Roles: Nat’l Youth Committee meeting Jax (Lizzie, Halley, Rachel); Nat’l Jr Board of Trustees Columbus OH (Sammy, Rachel); Int’l JB Conf. mtg Austria (Rachel); Nat’l mini camp Canada (Rachel)

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Thanks to everyone for your participation! Look for more information on 2015 Program Opportunities coming soon.